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Istanbul Teknik was established in 1998 with 100% Turkish capital; is a building material production, sales, engineering solution and applications company. It is Turkey's first and largest geogrid manufacturer and is a member of the International Geosynthetics Society (IGS).

#RightProductRightSolutions with Quality Production and Expert Employees

Istanbul Teknik provides services in the fields of Geosynthetics, GeoArme Wall, Asphalt Road Construction and Maintenance, Green Roof and Landscaping, Water and Heat Insulation, Marble Repair and Reinforcement with its wide product range. It offers unique solutions for each customer with its engineers and employees who are experts in their fields. It has achieved many FIRST and BEST with the products, solutions and applications it has developed.

First Geosynthetics, Asphalt and Marble R&D Center of Turkiye

Istanbul Teknik R&D Center, which succeeded to become the first R&D Center in Turkiye in the fields of geosynthetics, asphalt and marble activities, was registered as an R&D Center by the General Directorate of R&D Incentives of the Ministry of Industry and Technology in January 2019. Istanbul Teknik İnşaat, which was among the top 500 companies in the year it was founded with its R&D investments, is in the league of giants with its increasing investments every year, its work with universities and international research institutions, collaborations and scientific publications.

Istanbul Teknik İnşaat R&D Center aims to contribute to the economy by providing innovative solutions for the sector and our country with its scientific research on geosynthetics and asphalt additives.

25th Anniversary with the excitement of the first day

Today, celebrating the 25th anniversary of its establishment, Istanbul Teknik manufactures in 11 different areas in its factory equipped with modern technology, established on an area of 30,000 m² in Bolu, constantly developing new products and solutions, with its products safely at 1,000 points in the country and in more than 80 countries abroad. It proudly maintains its leadership in the sector by reaching a structure that is used.


Based on the fact that 92% of freight transport and 95% of passenger transport is carried out by highways, Istanbul Teknik Asfalt aims to provide solutions to the problems that road construction contractors may encounter before and after the application with its product range that provides superior performance and safety by increasing the physical and chemical properties of asphalt. was established in. is a production and engineering solutions company established in 1998 with 100% Turkish capital, Istanbul Teknik İnşaat A.Ş. It is a product supply platform that enables construction industry professionals to access the Istanbul Teknik İnşaat products they need under special conditions., Istanbul Teknik İnşaat A.Ş. It is Turkey's largest construction market e-Commerce platform, developed by the construction industry professionals in line with the needs and expectations, where the leading brands of the industry can be found together.