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Human Resources at Istanbul Teknik

The most important assess behind the success of İstanbul Teknik in the last 25 years is the members of the "İstanbul Teknik Family". Therefore, we support our employees in all aspects, and do our best to provide them with the best working environment.


Istanbul Teknik Family

Each individual at İstanbul Teknik is a part of the İstanbul Teknik Family.

Taking Initiative

At İstanbul Teknik, everyone is an expert and authorized in his own field; everyone is encouraged to take initiative in his own field.


At İstanbul Teknik, the door of the general manager is open to everyone, all issues related to the Company are decided based on common ground.


İstanbul Teknik contributes to the development of its employees by providing them with all trainings required by them, and supports their in-house promotions.
Every day in the last 25 years, the members of the İstanbul Teknik Family are "working to improve life"...

Take a step and join us to improve life...

To become a member of the İstanbul Teknik Family:

  • You can send your CV to,
  • You can review our job advertisements at