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24 April 2024

We attended the 46th Building, Construction Materials and Technologies Fair, held at Tüyap Istanbul Fair and Congress Center between 17-20 April 2024, with our insulation group products and green roof solutions. We hosted many local and foreign construction professionals, academicians, students who are future architects and engineers, and other interested parties at our stand for 4 days at the fair, which is the longest held fair in the Turkish construction industry, and provided information about our products and solutions and received valuable feedback. At the fair, where our new Flexo Liquid Membrane products, which have recently joined our insulation product family, were showcased for the first time, our e-commerce construction market Binbirteknik also met with the visitors and attracted great attention.  

12 March 2024

As Istanbul Technical Research and Development Center, within the framework of the existing collaboration protocol between TÜBİTAK and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of Tunisia (MHESR), we have submitted the application for the University-Industry collaborative research project with University of Gabes. If approved, the project, planned to last for 3 years, will be led by our Research and Development Center Specialist, Dr. Naime Ceren Süer.

11 March 2024

We came together with the officials of Georgian Concrete Club, our Georgia distributor established in 2011, and provided training on our products and solutions. With this meeting, we aim to further the success of our partners by sharing the latest developments in the sector. We will continue to work together by strengthening our cooperation.  

16 February 2024

We opened our 4th international office in Romania, after Bosnia, Azerbaijan and Georgia. We are happy to be in a new center of Europe with our products and engineering solutions that are used safely in 5 continents and more than 80 countries. With our global power based in Istanbul, we are ready for new international successes on behalf of our country, our solution partners and our family.  

13 February 2024

Istanbul Technical Asphalt General Manager Mr. Sacit Tanyol and our Product Technical Manager Mr. Serkan Sarı made an informative presentation to the delegation about our products and highway solutions. During the factory tour following the presentation, the delegation closely examined the production process of Istanbul Teknik products. In addition, the delegation members examined in detail the product tests carried out in our test laboratory and thanked them, stating that their visit was productive.  

18 December 2023

We closed the 2023 Fall Season with an award in the Bilyoner Tek Pota League, an inter-company basketball organization that has become a tradition for us. Our General Manager Macit Tanyol received the Bilyoner Special Award at the Bilyoner award ceremony held after the final match and where awards were given to the Bests of the season. It is very valuable for us to take part in this organization with our love of basketball and gentlemanly struggle. We would like to thank all the teams that participated and the Bilyoner Tek Pota team who successfully organized the organization. Hope to see you in new seasons!  

15 December 2023

We visited Bolu Abant İzzet Baysal University Nuclear Radiation Detectors Application and Research Center (NÜRDAM) and had important discussions on inter-center cooperation and joint project development. We would like to thank NÜRDAM Director Mr. Dr. Yalçın KALKAN, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Şenol KAYA and all our faculty members for their hospitality and cooperation.  

13 December 2023

Our export team made their last overseas visit of 2023 to Ivory Coast, one of the strongest economies in West Africa. We came together with business people in Abidjan, the largest city of Ivory Coast, within the scope of the program organized by the Türkiye Exporters Assembly (TİM) and Istanbul Textile and Apparel Exporters' Associations (İTKİB), under the coordination of the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Türkiye. With the productive bilateral meetings we held, we had the opportunity to introduce our products, services and solutions in the field of geosynthetics, insulation and asphalt additives. We look forward to taking part in Ivory Coast's future projects. We would like to thank all the business people who met with us for their interest.

11 December 2023

We attended the 9th International Paintistanbul & Turkcoat Congress organized by the The Association Of Paint Industry (BOSAD) in cooperation with İKMİB. This year, we came together with our industry partners at the congress, which aims to shape the future of the industry with topics such as innovation, sustainability, functionality, digitalization and artificial intelligence.          

8 December 2023

We visited Yeniçağa Yaşar Çelik Vocational School within the scope of Bolu Abant İzzet Baysal University's industrial cooperation. Our R&D Center Manager Barış BÜYÜK and our P&D specialist Esra ŞEN met with Yeniçağa Yaşar Çelik Vocational School Director Dr. Lecturer Bahattin ÖZTOPRAK and Deputy Director Assoc. Prof. Dr. Uğur SOYKAN within the scope of the visit. They had the opportunity to exchange information about academic studies aimed at producing projects, the development and characterization of polymer materials, and examine the devices in the Vocational School inventory.

22 November 2023

The 5th National Highway Congress and Exhibition started at Ankara ATO Congresium. On our first day, we hosted the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Mr. Abdulkadir Uraloğlu, and the ​Director General of General Directorate of Highways, Mr. Ahmet Gülşen, at our stand and introduced our special products and solutions for highways.           

13 November 2023

As the Istanbul Teknik R&D Center, Production and Technical Product Management departments, we visited Sonmez Textiles Advanced within Sönmez Holding and had discussions with Sales Manager Mr. Mahmut YEŞİLYURT on increasing the cooperation between companies.      

13 November 2023

As the Istanbul Teknik R&D Center, Production and Technical Product Management departments, we visited Bursa Technology Coordination and R&D Center (BUTEKOM). We had meetings with Butekom General Manager Mr. Murat KURTLAR and Center Manager Mr. Prof. Dr. Mehmet KARAHAN about increasing inter-organizational cooperation, producing joint projects and benefiting from BUTEKOM infrastructure.      

7 November 2023

We ran for the Mother Child Education Foundation in the 45th Türkiye İş Bankası Istanbul Marathon, which was held with the slogan "The Run of the Century" on the 100th anniversary of our Republic and had a record participation. Having the chance to support the scientific-based education programs carried out by Mother Child Education Foundation to compensate for the learning losses of children in the earthquake zone made this meaningful organization even more meaningful for us.      

6 November 2023

This year, our Product Technical Manager Serkan Sarı made a presentation at the 13th International Fiber and Polymer Research Symposium held at Bolu Abant İzzet Baysal University on November 3-4. Additionally, we hosted participants, including academicians and students, in our factory as part of the technical tour organized within the framework of the symposium program. Our factory manager Cemil Aytaç gave information to the participants about our production lines and laboratory. After the productive visit, the participants thanked Istanbul Teknik for their support.        

26 October 2023

We held the second consortium meeting of the MPCM4B project, which we carried out as coordinator within the scope of the Eurostars project, at the facilities of our project partner, Betek Boya. At the meeting we hosted together with Betek Boya ve Kimya A.Ş., where we came together with Phase Change Material Products and Ensatec SLU project teams, we exchanged information about the completed and ongoing processes of our project, whose first year has ended, and reviewed the upcoming work packages, actions our goals.        

23 October 2023

Istanbul Teknik, Turkey's first and largest geogrid manufacturer and building material production, sales, engineering solutions and applications company, established in 1998 with 100% Turkish capital, celebrated its 25th anniversary at a special night attended by its employees and guests. Making a speech at the night, Istanbul Teknik Chairman of the Board and General Manager Mr. Macit Tanyol thanked all his employees and solution partners. He shared with the guests the important milestones in Istanbul Teknik's quarter-century history, its principles, the understanding that makes Istanbul Teknik different, its customer and people-oriented structure and future goals.   Tanyol emphasized that the main factor behind the 25-year stable growth and success of Istanbul Teknik, which started its activities in a small office with great ideals, is the devoted work of the entire team without compromising the company principles, and the resulting customer loyalty and continuous development. Expressing his belief that the company will continue to grow and achieve new successes in the future by preserving these values, Tanyol explained his goals as Istanbul Teknik becoming a global Turkish brand with offices in important centers of the world. The night, where seniority plaques were presented to employees who have worked for 10 years or more, ended with an entertaining concert given by the Daddy Cool band, after watching the 25th anniversary movie prepared with the contributions of all employees.

13 October 2023

We attended the Türkiye Mining Congress and Expo, which took place at Ankara Congresium Congress and Exhibition Center between 11-13 October 2023, and met with industry professionals. While we had the opportunity to introduce our geosynthetic product family and solutions to the mining industry at the fair, our export team also met with foreign purchasing delegations. Our Product Technical Manager Serkan Sarı made a presentation about our GeoArme walls in the session titled "Challenges Encountered and Lessons Learned in Mineral Exploration, Project Development and Construction Processes" of the conference.  

26 September 2023

We participated as a sponsor in The 12th International Conference of Geosynthetics held in Rome this year. As Turkey's geosynthetics leader, we proudly represented our country and our industry at this major international meeting of the industry and had the opportunity to share our innovative products and solutions with the whole world.        

21 September 2023

The workshop organized within the scope of the InoSuit program, which was implemented by the Turkish Exporters Assembly with the aim of increasing the innovation management competence of the member companies in a sustainable manner, creating and strengthening the innovation management infrastructure, and designing and implementing corporate innovation systems suitable for each institution's own goals, structure and needs, was held during the Innovation Week. It was edited to determine the subject headings. Our presentation topic was to find a solution to a problem we were experiencing with the Creative Problem Solving Theory (TRIZ), which we developed as a result of a 3-month study. In this study, in which our R&D and relevant production units participated, the Creative Problem Solving Theory (TRIZ) tool was used to find a solution to a problem we experienced in production, and 22 different solutions were found with the help of the TRIZ tool. These solutions were implemented by taking them in order of feasibility and spreading them throughout the process. The presentation of this study was made by our R&D Manager Mr. Barış Büyük and our program mentor Mr. Associate Professor Dr. Serkan ALTUNTAŞ.    

18 September 2023

"Domestic Violence Awareness Training" was held in our factory operating in Bolu, with the participation of the Provincial Directorate of Family and Social Services and Turkish Employment Agency  representatives. During the training, our employees were informed about the types of violence against women and the negative effects of violence on women, children and families, and an attempt was made to raise awareness on this issue.    

14 September 2023

Habibler Asphalt Factory Chief of İSFALT Mr. Yavuz Kulaber and Maintenance Facilities Chief Mr. Şahin Otlu introduced us to their facilities and shared their experiences with us on how to apply the new products we are developing in the most effective way. We would like to thank Mr. Yavuz Kulaber and the entire İSFALT team especially for this valuable field trip, information sharing and hosting. We believe that the cooperation and knowledge shared by İSFALT, one of the leading institutions with the most experience in asphalt in our country, will contribute significantly to us achieving greater success in our future projects.  

21 August 2023

The waterproofing of the project, which will bring 218,200 decares of agricultural land together with water upon its completion, was provided with HDPE geomembrane, while the stabilization of the area above the waterproofing barrier was provided with Forcell, which was supported by Geoteknik PP 5000 non-woven geotextile in its lower layer. Let Istanbul Teknik Geosynthetics product family be your choice for economical and long-lasting solutions in water management projects!  

16 August 2023

  Within the scope of the organization, we had the opportunity to introduce our products, services and solutions by holding bilateral meetings with business people in Brazil and Chile. We also evaluated cooperation opportunities, joint projects and ways to increase trade flow in this context. Like the visit to Angola, we consider the visits to Brazil and Chile as an important step towards strengthening the presence of not only Istanbul Teknik İnşaat, but also Türkiye in the international trade arena and achieving export targets.  

17 July 2023

  Fortex GG 40/40 P was successfully applied in the stabilization work of the Van Ring Road project under construction of the 11th Regional Directorate of KGM.   Produced with high quality raw materials and standards, Fortex Geogrids are an environmentally friendly solution that strengthens the ground and extends the life of the highways by providing load distribution. As Istanbul Teknik İnşaat, we would like to thank our business partners who trust our products and solutions. For detailed information about Fortex, please click.  

14 July 2023

Developed by our colleagues Barış Büyük and Serkan Sarı, the project was approved by TURKISH PATENT AND TRADEMARK OFFICE and received its official patent. We offer our sincere thanks to all our colleagues who contributed to this great success, and we look to the future with hope by strengthening our leading position in our sector with our R&D investments in our sustainable success journey.      

23 June 2023

Istanbul Teknik İnşaat R&D Center, the first R&D Center in Türkiye in the fields of geosynthetics, asphalt and marble, has published its 2022 annual report. This year, we spent more than 8 million TL in total for these projects of our R&D center, which has been working on 17 projects in total with projects supported at national and international level, one of which received support at the EU and international level and the other at the national level.   The financial data disclosed in the report shows that the innovative products developed as a result of the devoted work of our R&D team and the solutions we develop with these products are preferred by industry professionals not only in our country but also all over the world.   In line with our growing projects all over the world, our R&D Center team expanded in 2022. We have further strengthened our R&D activities by adding qualified and talented professionals to our staff. Thanks to teamwork and cooperation, we successfully carry out our projects and increase our potential to reach our future goals.   Our R&D center, which works with the mission of introducing new product groups that are unique to the sector, as well as the development of raw materials that have no production or limited production throughout our country and that increase the dependence on imports, with domestic engineering studies and original formulas that can achieve competitive potential in global markets, took steps that we are proud of in 2022. Together with the investments we have made, we will continue our work in 2023 with the same mission to strengthen our leading position in our sector.

23 June 2023

We took part in the trade delegation that went to Luanda, the capital of Angola, on 20-22 June, within the scope of the development of commercial relations with Angola by the Ministry of Commerce of the Republic of Türkiye and the Türkiye Exporters Assembly. Within the scope of the organization, we met with business people in Angola and carried out intensive and productive work on market research, promotion of our products, services and solutions, and development of joint projects. We also made a series of company visits in Angola. During these visits, we learned about the activities of local companies in Angola and evaluated cooperation opportunities. Our successful visit to Angola was an important step for Istanbul Teknik to strengthen our presence in the global market, to develop our export targets and to represent our country.

29 May 2023

At the meeting where we came together with the project teams of our other project partners, Betek Boya ve Kimya AŞ, Phase Change Material Products Ltd and Ensatec SLU, we exchanged information about the completed and ongoing processes within the progress report of the project, whose first 6 months were completed, and discussed the upcoming work packages. We reviewed the roadmaps. At the meeting, where we had the opportunity to examine the facilities of our project partner Ensatec SLU, which hosted us, we shared ideas to improve our cooperation. The Eurostars project, in which the consortium meetings will continue in England and Turkey, will last for a total of three years.       

1 March 2023

Benin businessperson Daniel Junior Decadjevi and the accompanying delegation visited Murat Erbaş, Istanbul Technical Export Manager. During the meeting, cooperation for road and port investments to be made in the Republic of Benin was evaluated; Opinions were also exchanged about other business opportunities in the country. Stating that Istanbul Teknik İnşaat attracts great attention from companies abroad, Erbaş said, "Our goal is to expand our export network every year with the cooperation we will establish and to put Istanbul Teknik İnşaat's signature on projects in every continent of the world."

20 January 2021

İstanbul Airport, which is the biggest infrastructure project in the history of the Republic and the first phase of which was commissioned on October 29, 2018, serves the passengers with 2 runways and a terminal building with passenger capacity of 90 million under the scope of the first phase as of April 6, 2019. Covering an area of 76.5 million square meters, the new airport stands out as as a global hub between the continents of Asia, Africa and Europe. It was presented the 'Special Achievement Award' in the 'Superior Innovation' category at the Leisure Lifestyle Awards of Global Traveler, one of the most prestigious publications in tourism sector in the world. The journey of İGA started with the tender of the State Airports Authority for the construction and operation of İstanbul Airport on May 3, 2013. Cengiz-MAPA-Limak-Kolin-Kalyon Joint Venture was founded as a consortium under the name of İGA on October 7, 2013 for the purpose of constructing the İstanbul Airport and operating it for 25 years. The construction was planned to be completed in four phases. Kalyon - Cengiz - Mapa - Limak Joint Venture, which has activities in various sectors such as construction, energy, tourism, mining, port and airport operation both inland and abroad, has experience in the construction of eight airports. * İstanbul Sabiha Gökçen (Turkey) * Pristina (Kosovo) *Cairo Terminal 2 (Egypt) *Baku Heydar Aliyev (Azerbaijan) *Hawler – Erbil (North Iraq) *Duhok (North Iraq) *Ordu-Giresun (Turkey) Additionally, Limak Holding, one of the consortium members, has experience in the operation of the İstanbul Sabiha Gökçen (Turkey) and Pristina (Kosovo) airports. As a new airport, İstanbul Airport is located on the Black Sea coast in the European side of İstanbul, at Çatalca-Göktürk-Arnavutköy junction and between the villages of Tayakadın and Akpınar. İstanbul Airport, which can be easily accessed by public transportation vehicles such as buses and airport transfer services as well as airport taxi and private cars, is 36 km from Levent in the European Side, 40 km from Taksim, 47 km from Üsküdar in the Asian Side and 52 km from Kadıköy. İstanbul Airport also has access to the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge and the North Marmara Highway. İstanbul Airport plays host to its passengers at domestic and international sections with an excellent service approach. Currently, there are flights organized to 45 cities inland from the new airport. International flights are organized to 249 different cities in 110 countries.

20 January 2021

We, as İstanbul Teknik A.Ş., are one of the global brands thanks to our careful and high quality production and innovative and problem-solving products, and we have reached a level where we can export our products to 70 countries based on our constantly high quality production and strong corporate structure. Although it is hard for a Turkish company that makes 100% domestic production to export products to a country that is the main producer of geogrid; ForTex Geogrid, which has successfully passed numerous difficult tests and certification processes required for acceptance by Germany government authorities, has secured its well-deserved position in the German market. İstanbul Teknik has proved once again that it is one of the very few companies that can fulfill these high international standards. This was a difficult process and it paid off. The geogrid trade that was conducted with Germany for years has now reversed in our favor and made Germany the largest export market for our geogrid products. In addition, thanks to our increased capacity upon the start of production at our new factory founded in Bolu Organized Industrial Zone, we have the capability of serving the German market as well as meeting the demands in Turkey. We are glad to share this news, which is a source of pride and income for our country, with you as our precious business partners.

18 January 2021

Emulsion is defined as a mixture of two immiscible Liquids. In most emulsions, one of the phases is water. Emulsions are currently used in food, cosmetics and road construction applications in daily life. To produce emulsions, emulsifiers that contain hydrophilic (water-retaining) and hydrophobic (water-repellent) groups are required to be used in their structure. Bitumen emulsions are used in some road construction applications. Bitumen emulsions present a safer and more environmentally-friendly system than hot asphalt. Emulsions minimize the risk of fire and emission caused by hot bitumen. Besides, emulsions ensure less energy consumption as compared with hot mix applications. Bitumen emulsions are categorized into three classes by their shear time: fast shear, medium shear and slow shear emulsions. Fast shear emulsions shear in a short period of time when they come into contact with aggregate. For medium shear emulsions, this period is slightly longer. After the slow shear emulsions come into contact with aggregate, shearing is completed in a longer period of time. At the Central R&D Laboratory, studies are conducted in relation with bitumen emulsifiers for the purpose of using them in road applications. Accordingly, a slow shear emulsifier formula was developed at our laboratory for the cationic emulsion used in mortar-type coatings such as Slurry Seal and Micro Surfacing. All slow shear emulsifiers are imported. Certain mortar type coating applications were made in our country. However, the expected benefits could not be obtained from the past applications. Therefore, mortar type coating applications could not be developed in Turkey sufficiently. With the new emulsifier developed by us, stable slow shear bitumen emulsions can be obtained. These emulsions can remain intact for a long time without need to use any additives other than emulsifiers. The benefits of the slow shear emulsifier developed by us are as follows. * This product is manufactured in Turkey for the first time. * The quality of the roads constructed by using slow shear emulsion will increase. * The lifetime of the road will be extended. * It will be possible to work with damp aggregates. * In the road applications of hot bituminous mixtures; it is necessary to mix bitumen and aggregate at a temperature of 145-160°C. Emulsions allow for use from 85°C to room temperature. In this way, the energy consumption used for heating will be reduced. * In the fast shear emulsions, the time required to wet the aggregate and ensure adequate adhesion is shorter. For slow shear emulsions, the emulsion wraps the aggregate better as the curing time is longer. This will increase workability and ensure ease of application.

14 January 2021

The route of the North Marmara Motorway starts at the Kınalı junction of the Silivri district on the European side of İstanbul and ends in the Eyüp district, Odayeri locality, which is connected to the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, including the İstanbul Airport access roads. The Habibler-Hasdal junction access road, which is another extension of the North Marmara Highway in the European side, also offers an alternative to city traffic. The route of the North Marmara Highway starts from Kurnaköy toll booths in Pendik district in the Asian side of İstanbul and continues uninterruptedly until Akyazı district of Sakarya. Along this route, it is easy to access to Sabiha Gökçen Airport, İstanbul Park, Gebze Organized Industrial Zone, Dilovası TEM access road, D-100 access road, Osmangazi Bridge, Kocaeli- Çayırova road through Sevindikli junction and İzmit Körfez District through İlimtepe junction. This highway is a significant part of the project to create an uninterrupted highway network around the entire Marmara by connecting with the ongoing Çanakkale Bridge and access roads and the İstanbul İzmir Highway. İstanbul Teknik has undertaken the Kurtköy-Akyazı Section, Part 5 KM: 151+188+000, which is constructed by Cengiz İnşaat. İstanbul Teknik has also undertaken the Kurtköy-Akyazı Section, Part 4, KM: 129+650-151+500, which is constructed by Limak İnşaat. İstanbul Teknik has also undertaken the Kurtköy-Akyazı Section, Part 6, KM: 188+000-190+400, which is constructed by Kolin İnşaat. The tunnels constructed in these projects are among the widest cross-section tunnels in Turkey. Each tube is constructed for a 4-lane road, and has a width of 22 m and an arc length of 34.4 m.