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Istanbul Teknik

We, as İstanbul Teknik family, believe that:Everyone can make a small contribution to improving the lives of all humanity with the works that they do, the products that they manufacture and the solutions that they develop.

This process, which starts with not only doing your work excellently, but also aiming to achieve excellence, will further grow, surpassing the national borders and spreading to the whole world one day with the efforts to achieve better and higher quality.

Our motto "To Improve Life", which we adopted when we started our corporate operations 23 years ago, has now turned into a corporate commitment for us. A commitment that we will never forget, that we will always take responsibility for and that we will present to you in every product we manufacture and in every solution and service we develop...

I hope that the new breakthroughs to be achieved by İstanbul Teknik and to be constantly presented to you will also improve your life…

Macit Tanyol
General Manager