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Another First Production In Turkey

18 January 2021

Emulsion is defined as a mixture of two immiscible Liquids. In most emulsions, one of the phases is water. Emulsions are currently used in food, cosmetics and road construction applications in daily life. To produce emulsions, emulsifiers that contain hydrophilic (water-retaining) and hydrophobic (water-repellent) groups are required to be used in their structure.

Bitumen emulsions are used in some road construction applications. Bitumen emulsions present a safer and more environmentally-friendly system than hot asphalt. Emulsions minimize the risk of fire and emission caused by hot bitumen. Besides, emulsions ensure less energy consumption as compared with hot mix applications.

Bitumen emulsions are categorized into three classes by their shear time: fast shear, medium shear and slow shear emulsions. Fast shear emulsions shear in a short period of time when they come into contact with aggregate. For medium shear emulsions, this period is slightly longer. After the slow shear emulsions come into contact with aggregate, shearing is completed in a longer period of time.

At the Central R&D Laboratory, studies are conducted in relation with bitumen emulsifiers for the purpose of using them in road applications. Accordingly, a slow shear emulsifier formula was developed at our laboratory for the cationic emulsion used in mortar-type coatings such as Slurry Seal and Micro Surfacing.

All slow shear emulsifiers are imported. Certain mortar type coating applications were made in our country. However, the expected benefits could not be obtained from the past applications.

Therefore, mortar type coating applications could not be developed in Turkey sufficiently. With the new emulsifier developed by us, stable slow shear bitumen emulsions can be obtained. These emulsions can remain intact for a long time without need to use any additives other than emulsifiers.

The benefits of the slow shear emulsifier developed by us are as follows.

* This product is manufactured in Turkey for the first time.

* The quality of the roads constructed by using slow shear emulsion will increase.

* The lifetime of the road will be extended.

* It will be possible to work with damp aggregates.

* In the road applications of hot bituminous mixtures; it is necessary to mix bitumen and aggregate at a temperature of 145-160°C. Emulsions allow for use from 85°C to room temperature. In this way, the energy consumption used for heating will be reduced.

* In the fast shear emulsions, the time required to wet the aggregate and ensure adequate adhesion is shorter. For slow shear emulsions, the emulsion wraps the aggregate better as the curing time is longer. This will increase workability and ensure ease of application.