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We made a presentation at the İnoSuit Program Best Practice Sharing Workshop in Corporate Innovation Management.

21 September 2023

The workshop organized within the scope of the InoSuit program, which was implemented by the Turkish Exporters Assembly with the aim of increasing the innovation management competence of the member companies in a sustainable manner, creating and strengthening the innovation management infrastructure, and designing and implementing corporate innovation systems suitable for each institution's own goals, structure and needs, was held during the Innovation Week. It was edited to determine the subject headings.

Our presentation topic was to find a solution to a problem we were experiencing with the Creative Problem Solving Theory (TRIZ), which we developed as a result of a 3-month study.

In this study, in which our R&D and relevant production units participated, the Creative Problem Solving Theory (TRIZ) tool was used to find a solution to a problem we experienced in production, and 22 different solutions were found with the help of the TRIZ tool. These solutions were implemented by taking them in order of feasibility and spreading them throughout the process. The presentation of this study was made by our R&D Manager Mr. Barış Büyük and our program mentor Mr. Associate Professor Dr. Serkan ALTUNTAŞ.